EPF Introduced Employer Pay For Reduction Initiative (e-PaR)

More Help Coming Your Way! The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has launched two initiatives to ease employers’ financial constraints during the pandemic. ✅ 1st Initiatives ➡️ Contribution date 15th of every month ➡️ Now extended to end of the month ➡️ Without incurring any late payment charges ➡️ Period from September to December 2021 ✅ […]

My Employee Has Passed Away!

While everyone is mourning the death of their beloved colleague, HR has to lead, manage, be wise, strong and ensuring to-do lists, as well as the statutory task, is executed well. Today I’d like to talk about EPF. As an employer are you still liable to contribute to the EPF if your employee passed away? […]

2 Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing VS In-House Processing

Payroll Outsourcing vs In-House Processing is arguably one of the most talk topics within HR circle. But, for companies that may not have a designated payroll professional on staff, the task of payroll processing can be frustrating and time-consuming for the employer to manage. That’s one of the reasons many employers seek to utilize payroll […]

9% EPF Employee Contribution In Year 2021

Do you know as an employee you will be contributing 9% only to EPF effective January 2021? The Malaysian federal government will reduce the minimum employee contribution rate for the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) from 11 per cent to 9 per cent for a period of 12 months starting January to December 2021. This reduction […]

Fail To Commit To A Regular Payroll Schedule

One of the biggest mistakes in payroll processing is not paying staff on time every month. Not sticking to a regular salary payout date makes it difficult for your employees to adjust their finances. It is always a good thing to set a #fixeddate for salary payout and implement policies such as an early salary […]

Overtime Work Hour Permitted In A Month

In this video, I’d like to share with you the actual overtime work hour permitted in a month. Some of you may or may not know but it is good to take note. An employee is permitted to work up to a limit of 104 hours of overtime in a single month. This excludes overtime […]

5 Documents That You Need For New SOCSO Employer Account Registration

In this video i’d like to walk you through the process or documents that you required in order to register your new SOCSO Employer account. When you have incorporated a new company and have your first employee on board, this video may help you to understand the process. Below are the recap documents: 1. Borang […]

Running Payroll Too Late?

Are you putting payroll processing as your last priority every month? Some business owner forget entirely that they need to pay their staff’s salary, no joke because too much on their plate – sales, meeting clients, invoicing, collection, operations – payroll? Could be last on the plate. Warning! Forgetting to process payroll leads to unhappy […]

Importance of Payslip

How many of you keep or have a look at your payslip every month or do you have a payslip? Most of us thought payslip is just another piece of paper but do you know it is so important that all your hard work, effort, contribution to the nation are documented in this little piece […]

Messy Record Keeping

Record is ‘Gold’ 🏆 this should be the last thing you want to have is a messy record keeping Is time for you to put some thoughts in your employee personal data or payroll record keeping. It is not unusual to see small and medium enterprises practising a manual approach to keep payroll records as […]