Payroll Calculation and Processing

Payroll Calculation and Processing

Payroll processing takes time based on how you handle it. Some small businesses manually track employee hours and earnings on spreadsheets, which is both time-consuming and likely to cause errors. Others use free software or online payroll calculators.

Considering that all payroll processing is done manually, it may take the business a day or two to process payroll for just a few employees. The reason for this is that manually adding up timecards, calculating pay and overtime, and processing deductions takes a considerable amount of time. Additionally, you must set aside the taxes that have been deducted for each employee so that they may be paid.

When you outsource the payroll, Right House’s scope of work includes:

  • Payroll Register/Journal
  • Fund Requisition Report
  • Statutory Report – KWSP, SOCSO, EIS, LHDN


  • Preparation of filing of employee tax, EPF, SOCSO, EIS deductions and HRDF contributions.
  • Preparation of CP21, CP22 & CP22A


Right House is the best payroll processing services in Malaysia. Assisting you in paying your employees and payroll taxes automatically will save you countless hours of manual labor each month.

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