Record is ‘Gold’ 🏆 this should be the last thing you want to have is a messy record keeping

Is time for you to put some thoughts in your employee personal data or payroll record keeping.

It is not unusual to see small and medium enterprises practising a manual approach to keep payroll records as it seems like the easiest way to do.

However, the risk of record mismanagement can lead to unwanted circumstances in the company. For example, an ex-employee is arguing that he was not paid according to his contract two years ago and your HR department did not keep the payroll record or accidentally misplaced it. Either way, this is a disadvantage to your company which could bring forth a penalty or certain reputational damage.

Think about that?

You should now start exploring payroll services that offer decent record-keeping to save yourself from trouble like this. Talk to us, we are happy to keep you compliant.

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