More Help Coming Your Way!

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has launched two initiatives to ease employers’ financial constraints during the pandemic.

✅ 1st Initiatives
➡️ Contribution date 15th of every month
➡️ Now extended to end of the month
➡️ Without incurring any late payment charges
➡️ Period from September to December 2021

✅ 2nd Initiatives
➡️ EPF introduced the Employer Pay for Reduction initiative (e-PaR)
➡️ e-PaR initiative will offer employers up to 70 per cent reduction on outstanding late payment charges imposed for any period prior to August 2021.
➡️ Application starts from 13 Sept to 31st December’21

This is an amazing initiative and to all HR and business owners please take note.

The announcement was made on 13 Sept’21.