Statutory Lodgement

Statutory Lodgement Services

Labour standards in other countries are never simple to negotiate, especially if you don't have a local partner in the region. Employing a mixed workforce comes with its own set of challenges, financial regulation being the most detrimental.

Our professional team of statutory experts assists organisations in countering these regulatory hurdles well in advance by keeping track of financial policies, taxes, declarations, documentation and other government regulations for business and payroll compliance.

Right House assists you in adhering to those complex requirements.

Document Submission On Time

Allow our professionals to handle all pension, retirement fund, and monthly or yearly withholding tax forms and submissions.

Simplify Employee Lodgement

Take the effort out of time-consuming and complex employee lodgement Procedures.

Tax Consultation

Our specialised tax experts ensure that your employees’ tax filings are completed on time. We handle the computation of employee taxes, tax credits, and the filing of income tax returns. The best part about having our teams work for you is that they are always available to help you by phone, chat, or email.

Outsource Your Payroll with Us

Right House Solutions delivers trusted services centred on the Payroll Process Outsourcing and Payroll Employment Managed Services ensuring efficient payroll management.

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