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Malaysia’s Leading Payroll Provider

Right House, based in Malaysia, provides first-class, user-friendly payroll solutions that meet industry standards in terms of technology and system infrastructure. Our patented technology platform distributes payslips and other e-Services to our clients via a single web-based solution. In Malaysia, we provide payroll services to businesses of all sizes.

We deliver uncompromised efficiency, security, and service quality for our customers organisations and personnel as a leading regional payroll provider and HR management solutions supplier, further assisting our clients in saving on major financial technology expenditures.

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Our Commitment Is Your Assurance

Born from these principles and vision comes Right House Solutions – Your Right Choice in Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to always put on a smile and relied on the employees by ensuring consistency in payroll delivery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure every client of ours will be seen as caring and responsible employers to their employees through precise management of their payroll to be on time month in and month out. Our dedication is seen through the passionate process of every payslip that allows us to impact the lives of every single employee receiving their pay on time for their monthly engagement to their families, child education, loans and needed priorities.

Meet Our Founder

Aiden Liew

Founder & Managing Director

Outsource Your Payroll with Us

Right House Solutions delivers trusted services centred on the Payroll Process Outsourcing and Payroll Employment Managed Services ensuring efficient payroll management.

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