Have you implemented employee self-service yet in your organisations? If you have not why haven’t you?
Employee Self-Service a.k.a ESS is a cloud portal that all of your employees have access to, not just HR professionals. With that, the employee can access their payslip, schedules, and benefits information, make updates to their own details, and more.

Do you want to know why you should need ESS?

Now let’s dive in with some benefits:

· Improving HR Functionality
· Reduced Business Owner / HR Workload
· Accessible Anywhere at Any Time
· Share and Highlight Company Policies
· More Employee Empowerment
· Better Auditing and Compliance

Is it expensive to have ESS?

No, it is not expensive, because the ESS portal usually comes together as part of the access available for employees when the business outsources their payroll to a payroll vendor.

You can imagine the effectiveness of your payroll being taken good care of every month and ESS technology being introduced to the company for better control of administration, eliminating manual paper works.

ESS is essential for start-ups or businesses that need to streamline their HR administration, plus more effective employee experience.