Aren’t domestic workers important and deserve to be covered in SOCSO?

If you are still on this, probably you are outdated. It is no longer the case.

Domestic workers include
➡️ Driver
➡️ Gardener
➡️ Maid
➡️ Taking care of the elderly or sick members
➡️ Guarding the house

Just for your knowledge and if you have a domestic worker that you hired, good news to you if you haven’t already know

❇️ Domestic workers will be covered under the Employees’ Social Security Act (Act 4) and Employment Insurance System (Act 800) which will be enforced starting 1 June 2021.

Remember to include them in your monthly contribution to SOCSO so that if they had an accident during work they are covered nicely.

When you observe their task actually they are exposed to certain dangers, especially drivers and gardeners.

Hope today’s sharing helps keep you up-to-date.

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