You have heard EIS, EIS by SOCSO – What is exactly EIS?

EIS a.k.a Employment Insurance System. EIS aims to provide Employment Insurance, Public Employment Services, and Labor Market Information (LMI) to the Malaysian workforce. EIS also seeks to provide temporary financial assistance for up to six months to workers who are retrenched or have had some form of loss of income. It’s a beneficial initiative for Malaysian workers and looking at the unemployment statistics; it is now more critical than ever.

You may watch my video on what benefits you may get out of EIS.

How much can you claim from EIS?

It’s a relief to know that you would have some form of allowance in store for you, but the allowance allocation can only be claimed for a maximum of 6 months with capping at RM3,950.

Not only that – your allowances will also lessen by the month:

1st month: 80% of your assumed salary

2nd month: 50% of your assumed salary

3rd & 4th month: 40% of your assumed salary

5th & 6th month: 30% of your assumed salary

Now that you know a little what EIS can do for you, and if you want to know more, you can always drop me a comment below or direct DM so that I can guide you on.

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