Basic SOCSO Contributions That You Should Know

We don’t often print out statutory on which item is subjected to contributions. Most people inclusive of the business owner and HR personnel may not remember what those items are subjected to contributions. Probably 1 out of 10 are aware of it. But hey it’s not your fault. Maybe if you are a business owner […]

Payroll Specialist Is Getting Expensive

Hiring a payroll specialist is getting more expensive. Take a look at this statistic. ↓ According to payscale website – the pay for average payroll specialists is as follows: 1-4 years of experience ↗️ RM 41,000 per year (RM 3,416 per/month)5-9 years of experience ↗️ RM 61,000 per year (RM 5,083) per/month Note: not inclusive […]