Have You Looked Into This Increase Already?

It’s official: Malaysia is to start RM1,500 minimum wage from the 1st of May with immediate effect.

The exception is for companies with fewer than 5 employees which will only be legally required to start paying at least RM1,500 from January 2023. 

So for smaller and micro companies with less than 5 employees, there will be a postponing of effective implementation for at least 7 months.

How about employees who don’t have a basic pay structure?

➡️ For employees who are not paid basic wages but are paid wages based only on trips, commissions etc, the rate of monthly wages that has to be paid to such employees from May 1 is at least RM1,500.

Please be guided with this introduction of minimum wages for this month’s payroll.

Hope this gentle reminder helps prepare you early in recognising employees which need to raise their minimum wages accordingly starting this month.

Alternatively, you may connect with us directly for more payroll matters.