Have you ever thought about why you keep failing when you discuss your pay rise with your boss?

Reality check, sit down and probably think are you one of them making these mistakes?

🧨 Talking about your wants only
🧨 Your spouse is not working now/retrench you need to support the family
🧨 Your kids are going to college soon, you need the rise to cover the expenses
🧨 You are welcoming your 3rd child, can you have a rise in your pay
🧨 You see your colleague pay higher than you, you try your luck to ask for more
🧨 You cover a lot of scopes and you felt it doesn’t justify your current pay

Those reasons above are not wrong and are valid. That’s your want.

You tend to fail tremendously if you are only sharing what you want.

From the employer/boss perspective it doesn’t move them to give your want.

Here is a bit of a suggestion when you want to discuss a pay rise with your boss why don’t you do this:

⭐️ Do research what your boss wants of you?
⭐️ Telling your boss, if you can do what you are doing now in just 50% of the time (1 hour you use 30 mins to finish), will this add value to your boss? Lesser time spent, the boss can close more deals and subsequently increase profit and revenue.
⭐️ Observe what you have been doing following the current set of SOP, if it is not effective, suggest changes. It makes more sense to help the management in order to help increase your value.
⭐️ Observe what has your colleague done that they got the pay rise, learn from them.
⭐️ Do not complain about everything, try to open yourself, love the company and bring more positive energy to see changes for yourself.
⭐️ Do not assume the boss knows how you feel. #energy

✅ It makes a lot of difference if you take this approach. Generally, you make your boss feel your passion, and you are willing to put your effort to help the company.

Don’t you think your success rate of securing your pay rise is higher?

I bet it does.

Don’t walk off of the business if you fail to get what you want. It is about what they want to give you what you want.

A pay rise is a mutual win-win situation. Create your value.

As a business owner yourself, what do you want to hear from your employee when they discuss about payrise?

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