I have lost my job, how can I apply for EIS (Employment Insurance System) benefits?

Without delay, prepare the documents below:

1.    A copy of your NRIC
2.    Proof of loss of employment, eg. Termination letter
3.    A copy of bank account information
4.    Payslips for the last 6 months

➡️ Walk into any PERKESO office and inform them that you need to apply for EIS benefits – loss of employment

You must

1.    Apply within 60 days from the date of loss of employment
2.    To meet the contributions qualifying conditions, namely the EIS contributions that have been paid based on the EIS contribution schedule and having a minimum number of months within a specified period.

Please take note that the below is NOT eligible categories for EIS benefits, not every loss of employment is entitled.

·     Dismissal due to employee misconduct
·     Voluntary resignation
·     Retirement
·     The expiry of a fixed-term contract (Includes unconditional termination of a contract based on an employer-employee agreement or the completion of the project stated in the contract)

I know what you thinking, you contributed monthly to SOCSO but why can’t you apply for those categories above.

SOCSO is there to help us when in need, but if the resignation is a planned move, SOCSO will not endorse this application.

For HR folks, you may also advise your employees who are affected by the loss of income to prepare the document above, and submit it within 60 days.

Hope this sharing helps. ✳️