I didn’t even know we have to submit a nomination form. Now if that is you, you should start doing it right away!

What is so important about doing a nomination?

✅ Cut short the withdrawal process
✅ Avoid the cost and hassle of obtaining third party documents from the land office/court
✅ Ensures your rightful heir inherits your savings

Just download the online ➡️ KWSP4 form.

Make an appointment and walk into the branch office to submit as they required your thumbprint verifications.

Do take note:⭐️

Please nominate only someone above 18 years of age. If you are nominating your son/daughter.

In the event of your demise, the nomination is cancelled if the beneficiary is under 18 years old.

Withdrawal application has to be submitted within ✳️ a year ✳️ from the date of the member’s passing. Remember there is a timeline. No submission the nomination is cancelled.

By planning ahead and nominating your beneficiary early, you can protect your loved ones from unnecessary complications and keep them financially secure even after you’re gone.

Please don’t do it tomorrow, the next day or next month.
The best take action and do it now.

How many of you have done the nomination?