Most of the companies are in these situations before

➡️ Late payment for the contribution
➡️ Miss few months of contribution
➡️ Did not contribute at all

So when these fines are knocking on your door, most of the companies paid huge sums of money.

Why should you pay unnecessary fines and those fines are not low amounts?


1. If you have a lot of money, you may use it for bonuses, incentives or include better perks for your employees but not spending on fines.

2. Engage someone that can help your payroll and ensuring your compliance and not pay any single fine anymore.

3. I always write into the authority and appeal for lower fines amount, I will do all that I can for my client to reduce the fines and most of the time I got it approved.

I am not only your best friend in payroll but I save you tons of money if you allow me to help you.

You need someone to care for your payroll, that’s us.