Payroll Specialist Is Getting Expensive

Hiring a payroll specialist is getting more expensive. Take a look at this statistic. ↓ According to payscale website – the pay for average payroll specialists is as follows: 1-4 years of experience ↗️ RM 41,000 per year (RM 3,416 per/month)5-9 years of experience ↗️ RM 61,000 per year (RM 5,083) per/month Note: not inclusive […]

RM1,500 Minimum Wage effective 1st of May’22

Have You Looked Into This Increase Already? It’s official: Malaysia is to start RM1,500 minimum wage from the 1st of May with immediate effect. The exception is for companies with fewer than 5 employees which will only be legally required to start paying at least RM1,500 from January 2023.  So for smaller and micro companies […]

Have You Done Your Nomination For Your EPF Savings?

I didn’t even know we have to submit a nomination form. Now if that is you, you should start doing it right away! What is so important about doing a nomination? ✅ Cut short the withdrawal process ✅ Avoid the cost and hassle of obtaining third party documents from the land office/court ✅ Ensures your […]

1 Thing You Must Know Before Hiring A Non-Malaysian/Expatriate

A lot of people asked me do non-Malaysian or expatriates employees have to contribute to EPF? No, non-Malaysian employees are not required to contribute, but they are given the option to contribute. If an employee has opted to contribute, he/she and the employer are liable to contribute and not allowed to revoke the option made […]

Top 5 Guidelines To Choose The Right Payroll Services Partner

When it comes to payroll outsourcing services, there are so much service providers offering the same services and the questions is WHO should you choose and WHAT is the criteria that you should prioritize on before put pen to paper on the contract. Choosing the right payroll services partner that know what they are doing […]

Find Out How To Apply & What To Prepare For The Wage Subsidy Programme For Your Employees

The Wage Subsidy Programme aka (WSP) is a financial assistance programme to help employers continue their company operations during COVID-19 and prevent workers from losing their jobs and sources of income. Through the programme, wage subsidies are paid to employers for each local employee earning RM4,000* and below for a period of 3 months only. […]

Do You Know Which Payment Is Subjected Or Exempted from EPF Contribution?

Payments Liable for EPF Contribution Salaries Payments for unutilised annual or medical leave Bonuses Allowances Commissions Incentives Arrears of wages Wages for maternity leave Wages for study leave Wages for half day leave Other contractual payments or otherwise Payments Exempted Or Not Liable From EPF Contribution Service charges Overtime payments Gratuity (payment to employee payable […]

Few Tips To Consider Before You Choose A Payroll Outsourcing Services Partner

This will be definitely a common question a lot of the organisation were asking, how to choose a reliable payroll services provider. It depends solely on your organisation’s direction. Let’s take an example if you are a MNC’s highly likely you will go with a regional provider whom can cover most of your existing offices […]