I Have Lost My Job, How Can I Apply EIS (Employment Insurance System) Benefits?

I have lost my job, how can I apply for EIS (Employment Insurance System) benefits?

Without delay, prepare the documents below:

1.    A copy of your NRIC
2.    Proof of loss of employment, eg. Termination letter
3.    A copy of bank account information
4.    Payslips for the last 6 months

➡️ Walk into any PERKESO office and inform them that you need to apply for EIS benefits – loss of employment

You must

1.    Apply within 60 days from the date of loss of employment
2.    To meet the contributions qualifying conditions, namely the EIS contributions that have been paid based on the EIS contribution schedule and having a minimum number of months within a specified period.

Please take note that the below is NOT eligible categories for EIS benefits, not every loss of employment is entitled.

·     Dismissal due to employee misconduct
·     Voluntary resignation
·     Retirement
·     The expiry of a fixed-term contract (Includes unconditional termination of a contract based on an employer-employee agreement or the completion of the project stated in the contract)

I know what you thinking, you contributed monthly to SOCSO but why can’t you apply for those categories above.

SOCSO is there to help us when in need, but if the resignation is a planned move, SOCSO will not endorse this application.

For HR folks, you may also advise your employees who are affected by the loss of income to prepare the document above, and submit it within 60 days.

Hope this sharing helps. ✳️

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Why Domestic Workers Is NOT COVERED by SOCSO?

Aren’t domestic workers important and deserve to be covered in SOCSO?

If you are still on this, probably you are outdated. It is no longer the case.

Domestic workers include
➡️ Driver
➡️ Gardener
➡️ Maid
➡️ Taking care of the elderly or sick members
➡️ Guarding the house

Just for your knowledge and if you have a domestic worker that you hired, good news to you if you haven’t already know

❇️ Domestic workers will be covered under the Employees’ Social Security Act (Act 4) and Employment Insurance System (Act 800) which will be enforced starting 1 June 2021.

Remember to include them in your monthly contribution to SOCSO so that if they had an accident during work they are covered nicely.

When you observe their task actually they are exposed to certain dangers, especially drivers and gardeners.

Hope today’s sharing helps keep you up-to-date.

Alternatively, if you need us to help manage your payroll and consistently be on top of the compliance with all these updates, speak with me.

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Common Mistakes Made By Startup

Out of 10 startup companies, 8 made these common mistakes.

Before they register for their employer statutory account, they have hired their employees and started working for them without contributing to the monthly statutory.

Why is that?

Simply because during that time, the company need an urgent employee to commence work immediately. Secondly, the company thought it is okay to register later. Worst of all, some don’t even know that they need to register an employer account before they contribute the employee’s monthly deduction.

Only when they want to contribute, the company get stuck with no employer account.

The good news is yes you can still get the registration done. ✅

But the bad news is you have to be prepared to go through hours of processes in the statutory office and the penalty of being late. 🔥

Today let me share with you 9 steps on what you need to do for EPF registration if you are in these situations:

  1. Prepare all your employee’s detail – their name, their salary, their IC and the amount of deduction for the particular month. Bring along your chequebook.
  2. Based on your office address, walk into the EPF branch within your office address etc if Kuala Lumpur, go to EPF Kuala Lumpur.
  3. Ask the counter officer – the Enforcement Department you need to approach the enforcement department first. It will be either level 1 or level 2 in the EPF office.
  4. Show the enforcement department’s officer the employee’s salary and deduction and explain to them the reason for late registration. The officer will calculate the penalty amount. With the cheque, the officer will approve the opening of the account.
  5. Proceed to the ground floor for account opening. Filled up all the required kwsp form and bring along your company SSM documentation, IC photocopy of the director and company stamp.
  6. Once done, head to the computer kiosk to activate the I-Akaun online portal.
  7. From the portal, input all the contributions of your employee amount based on the starting month separately and print out Borang A once completed.
  8. Proceed to the payment counter with your cheque.
  9. Once you have made the payment, the acknowledgement receipt will need to show to the enforcement officer.

The above can literally take half of your day if smooth. Most of the time you will need to return as many will miss out on some documentation.

It is extremely hassle if you are in these situations, no joke.

Words of advice, always put priority on the statutory board first before any hiring or planning to hire.

Hope the above helps and I wish you will not need to go through the rough and hard processes, it is not fun. Alternatively, you have me assist you or ask me if you need to.

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Pay Rise Fail Tremendously

Have you ever thought about why you keep failing when you discuss your pay rise with your boss?

Reality check, sit down and probably think are you one of them making these mistakes?

🧨 Talking about your wants only
🧨 Your spouse is not working now/retrench you need to support the family
🧨 Your kids are going to college soon, you need the rise to cover the expenses
🧨 You are welcoming your 3rd child, can you have a rise in your pay
🧨 You see your colleague pay higher than you, you try your luck to ask for more
🧨 You cover a lot of scopes and you felt it doesn’t justify your current pay

Those reasons above are not wrong and are valid. That’s your want.

You tend to fail tremendously if you are only sharing what you want.

From the employer/boss perspective it doesn’t move them to give your want.

Here is a bit of a suggestion when you want to discuss a pay rise with your boss why don’t you do this:

⭐️ Do research what your boss wants of you?
⭐️ Telling your boss, if you can do what you are doing now in just 50% of the time (1 hour you use 30 mins to finish), will this add value to your boss? Lesser time spent, the boss can close more deals and subsequently increase profit and revenue.
⭐️ Observe what you have been doing following the current set of SOP, if it is not effective, suggest changes. It makes more sense to help the management in order to help increase your value.
⭐️ Observe what has your colleague done that they got the pay rise, learn from them.
⭐️ Do not complain about everything, try to open yourself, love the company and bring more positive energy to see changes for yourself.
⭐️ Do not assume the boss knows how you feel. #energy

✅ It makes a lot of difference if you take this approach. Generally, you make your boss feel your passion, and you are willing to put your effort to help the company.

Don’t you think your success rate of securing your pay rise is higher?

I bet it does.

Don’t walk off of the business if you fail to get what you want. It is about what they want to give you what you want.

A pay rise is a mutual win-win situation. Create your value.

As a business owner yourself, what do you want to hear from your employee when they discuss about payrise?

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If I Die, How Can I Support My Children’s Education?

The last thing we want is any disruption towards our children’s education when things happen to us or accident during our work that cause us physically disablement or dies.

If it is the case, how can we cover our children’s colleges or studies expenses?

Most of us may seek help from PTPTN loans, bank loans, or some form of personal insurance which has some saving plans to cover the study expenses.

Wait a minute……..

No alt text provided for this image


✅ You have been contributing monthly to SOCSO. Most people may not know that you can leverage SOCSO’s Education Benefit. Yes, you can apply for an education loan from SOCSO.

Let me further elaborate for you:

This benefit is in the form of loans that may be provided to a dependant child of an insured person who:

  • Dies as a result of employment injury
  • Is in receipt of periodical payments for Permanent Disablement Benefit
  • Dies while receiving Invalidity Pension
  • Dies before attaining the age of 60 years but has completed a full or a reduced qualifying period
  • Is an Invalidity Pension recipient

How to apply for this Education Loan and Qualify? Below are the details that you want to look at it.

  1. Applicant must be a dependent to the following :
  • Dependent’s Benefit recipient;
  • Survivor’s Pension recipient;
  • Invalidity Pension recipient;
  • Scheduled Permanent Disablement Benefit.

2. Less than 21 years old when applying; or If exceeds 21 years, the applicant must have received a SOCSO loan before at certificate or diploma level continuously (without suspension due to poor academic performance) and a dependent of the Dependent’s Benefit or Survivor’s Pension recipient ;

3. Not married;

4. Have received offers to further study at any Institute of Higher Education within the country for first Degree or Diploma, or Malaysian Proficiency Certificate (SKM) Level 1 to 3;

5. Had applied for an education loan from other agencies but it had been declined;

6. Full programme must be within Malaysia;

7. Full programme must be based on full-time basis;

8. Time left to completion of programme when applying must not be less than 1 year;

9. The overall cost of the tuition fee must not exceed RM100,000 not inclusive of sustenance allowance;

10. For applicants receiving offers from Private Institute of Higher Education, the college or university must have been in operation for at least 2 years and its establishment must have been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia (KPTM);

11. For applicants applying to the Public Institute of Higher Learning at Diploma or Degree level, courses offered must be approved by the Public Institute of Higher Education Management Department, of the Ministry;

12. For applicants applying at the Private Institute of Higher Learning at Diploma or Degree level, courses offered must be approved by the Private Institute of Higher Education Management Department, of the Ministry, and receive a Full or Provisional Accreditation Certificate from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and is still within its validity period;

13. For applicants applying for Malaysian Skills Certificate Level 1 to 3, courses offered must result in certification from the Department of Skills Development (DSD), from the Ministry of Human Resources and is still within its validity period;

14. Meets full requirements and qualifications for entry, as prescribed by KPTM to enter into the programme. If the qualification by the applicant differs, a confirmation letter that the qualification is equivalent to the minimum requirement set by the Ministry must be obtained from the relevant departments or agencies in items 12 and 13; and

15. Family financial capability is insufficient to bear the necessary cost of education.


  • The following does not meet the criteria to apply:
  1. Primary or secondary school students;
  2. Sibling of Insured Person;
  3. Matriculation / Pre University / Foundation / Master Degree / PhD students
  • Applicants must take full accountability to ensure all necessary documents from the related departments or agencies are included when submitting complete documentation for their application.
  • Applicants who have received SOCSO loans before but failed to complete the education programme or cancelled their loan before graduating are disqualified from re-applying unless they have fully paid any outstanding amount from their previous loan.
  • Loan disbursement is only given during the education programme period only.

Meanwhile, the service charge for education loans for all borrowers is only 2%.

Take full use of the monthly SOCSO contribution that you have been paying, it can be helpful in return as and when you needed them.

Hope this article is useful to you, SOCSO has many benefits that support the members, today I’m sharing just one of their benefits. I will share with you a few other benefits in my next article.

Connect with me for more Malaysia statutory sharing and updates.

I’m Aiden your passionate payroll partner.

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Registering Your Statutory Company EPF Account?

For all the new business owners or entrepreneurs do you know when should you start to register the statutory account?

❌ Do not register before you have your 1st employee.
➡️ My new employee join next month, so I register this month first
➡️ Once you register, EPF will expect you to contribute on that month itself

❌ Register only after your new employee started work a few months ago
➡️ You will get a penalty for registering late.
➡️ The account will only be allowed to open when you have cleared off all the previous month’s contribution + penalty

When is the best time?

✅ You register when your 1st employee joins month. If you know etc employee joining in Jan then you register the account in Jan.

Not too early and not too late. Right on that month.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you need us to help register for you and payroll services.

Save your time and we make sure you are on the right start. 🚀

Appointment for KWSP

More stricter now!

From the detail of the form filled-up, original forms (only) and appointment before stepping in is the new process now for KWSP.

Good in a way that KWSP wants every document strictly in order to ensure smooth registrations at the counter.

Don’t be alarmed that you may ask to come back again if you have just left out 1 page of any document needed.

Today doing what I love. Successfully help 3 of my new clients to register their new employer account for KWSP.

Not 1 appointment, I have to book 3 appointments for 3 submissions.

Can you imagine how much pre-planning work in order to walk in KWSP counter submission?

If you are not sure or need some help, do let me know I’m happy to get things done for you.


Do You Know You Can Appeal Your Fines from EPF?

Most of the companies are in these situations before

➡️ Late payment for the contribution
➡️ Miss few months of contribution
➡️ Did not contribute at all

So when these fines are knocking on your door, most of the companies paid huge sums of money.

Why should you pay unnecessary fines and those fines are not low amounts?


1. If you have a lot of money, you may use it for bonuses, incentives or include better perks for your employees but not spending on fines.

2. Engage someone that can help your payroll and ensuring your compliance and not pay any single fine anymore.

3. I always write into the authority and appeal for lower fines amount, I will do all that I can for my client to reduce the fines and most of the time I got it approved.

I am not only your best friend in payroll but I save you tons of money if you allow me to help you.

You need someone to care for your payroll, that’s us.

EPF Introduced Employer Pay For Reduction Initiative (e-PaR)

More Help Coming Your Way!

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has launched two initiatives to ease employers’ financial constraints during the pandemic.

✅ 1st Initiatives
➡️ Contribution date 15th of every month
➡️ Now extended to end of the month
➡️ Without incurring any late payment charges
➡️ Period from September to December 2021

✅ 2nd Initiatives
➡️ EPF introduced the Employer Pay for Reduction initiative (e-PaR)
➡️ e-PaR initiative will offer employers up to 70 per cent reduction on outstanding late payment charges imposed for any period prior to August 2021.
➡️ Application starts from 13 Sept to 31st December’21

This is an amazing initiative and to all HR and business owners please take note.

The announcement was made on 13 Sept’21.

My Employee Has Passed Away!

While everyone is mourning the death of their beloved colleague, HR has to lead, manage, be wise, strong and ensuring to-do lists, as well as the statutory task, is executed well.

Today I’d like to talk about EPF.

As an employer are you still liable to contribute to the EPF if your employee passed away?

Do take note:

➡️ the employer will need to inform EPF immediately.
➡️ there is NO NEED to contribute on the month of the passing of the employee.

Hope this information is useful to you. You know who to talk to when it comes to statutory.

I’m Aiden your go-to person when it comes to payroll & statutory.